Travelling in Chios, the large island of North Aegean, there’s nothing else to do but leaving your senses to be captivated by the pleasing aroma of mastic, and the countless orchards lying lazily on the horizon. Campos, magnetizes you to go thither where magnificent mansions standing proudly in the blooming shady narrow streets hiding shyly their secret beauty behind their tall walls.

In the north you can meet Castles such Volissos still hanging up there above the village like a guard. Lost in the high mountains in the colour of stone and made by stone, the famous Aegean Mystras, the medieval Anavatos a unique monument of cultural heritage and in the south at the Old Cataractis Village neighborhood , the medieval church of St. John the Argenti (14th century) awaits between olives and mastictrees visitors to discover it . The coastal village of New Cataraktis pulsates with life by visitors . The villages of southern Chios are summer villages of as all the villages by the sea.

Let your senses be overwhelmed by the unique simplicity of Chian lifestyle. All to invite to discover the island of Chios on a journey easy, affordable, beautiful!