Customer Opinions

Here is an interview of two of our clients, Mr and Mrs Augoustino Tourba, an Italian couple who’s aim was to find their “dream house” in the island of Chios.
We asked them a few questions in order to help you  understand who we are…

Augostino Tourba & Patrizia Riva

CH: How did you know about us?

A&P: “We fixed an appointment with a realtor (he was the second one) during our stay in Chios. He introduced us Mr. Sarantis’s son who explained to us their way of working with the old stone houses. Later on he showed us some stone houses they had renovated, in the south part of the island.”

CH: Did you search a lot for you dream house in Chios? How were the others

A&P :“Yes, well in the beginning he found a sea view house but we where looking for a quite place, not so crowded during the summer. We had very few days in our disposal so we saw some other similar houses in that area. (we were trying to find a house in the right dimensions for our family). It took a while but finally the house we bought from Mr. Sarantis’ was the appropriate one.”

CH: How was Mr Sarantis’ and Chios Houses’ team approach?

A&P :“The approach was immediately very kind, they understand people’s needs and from the beginning we had the impression that they were a very organized company. We had a feeling we were in good hands.”

CH: What are your impressions for Chios Houses?

A&P : “Our impressions are very good, as we send previously, they are very organized and they look after their customers. “